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It's kind of like walking out a door to discover it's a window.

19 November

a static lullaby, alexisonfire, aliens, anathallo, anime, art, as i lay dying, at the drive-in, atreyu, bass, beck, before i go, being stupid, biting nails, bleeding through, blink 182, bowling for columbine, boys, brazil, bright eyes, canada, carnivals, chinese food, coheed and cambria, concerts, coney island, dashboard confessional, deathcab for cutie, dennys, discoalliance.com, donnie darko, downriver, drawing, early november, edward scissorhands, emery, family guy, fender, fight club, flogging molly, franz ferdinand, from autumn to ashes, from here on out, fugazi, funeral for a friend, ghost world, green day, grosse ile, guitar, harry potter, hell is for heroes, holding hands, horror films, hoy pan, husker du, immaturity, indie, insanity, inside jokes, interpol, japan, jimmy eat world, jone's soda, julian casablancas, kermit the frog, less than jake, letters to you, lightening, local music, lord of the rings, manga, mariokart, mars volta, matchbook romance, michigan, mosh, music, my bloody valentine, my chemical romance, nature, nintendo, offspring, operation ivy, parties, peircings, pets, pez, photography, piano, poems, poison the well, pokemon, q and not u, quit your life, radiohead, rancid, ricky tan, rocko's modern life, royal tenenbuams, saves the day, senses fail, soccer, sonic youth, speaking french, star wars, super nintendo, super troopers, system of a down, taco bell, taking back sunday, talking too much, techno, tetris, the ataris, the bled, the distillers, the flaming lips, the get up kids, the juliana theory, the last broadcast, the mars volta, the postal service, the rapture, the strokes, the used, the vines, the white stripes, the wizard of oz, theatre, theme parks, this dying hour, thunderstorms, tim burton, underoath, video games, waynes world, weezer, wilco, your best kept secret,